We welcome the Eclipse Foundation

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The Eclipse Foundation joins the DASH7 Alliance

We are happy to welcome the Eclipse Foundation as a new member of the DASH7 Alliance.

Due to multiple benefits for both organizations, a mutual membership was exchanged between the DASH7 Alliance and the Eclipse Foundation. Both organizations share a focus on community-driven innovation and values such as openness and vendor-neutrality. This mutual membership is only the first step in an ongoing strategic collaboration between our organizations.

As the leading open source community within the IoT industry, the Eclipse IoT Working Group plays a vital role within the IoT ecosystem and therefore is of interest to other members of the Dash7 Alliance as well. Whether it is hardware related like sensor and gateway manufacturers or IoT platform development, one of the expected benefits of this mutual membership is joint participation in industry collaborations to develop common open IoT platforms for Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0, Edge Computing, and more.

Additionally, the DASH7 Alliance recognizes the added value in moving open source reference implementations of the specification and conformance test suites as projects under the Eclipse IoT umbrella.

In short, the combination of a wireless network protocol like DASH7 and the well-governed Eclipse IoT open source projects are an ideal match to drive the growth of a sustainable ecosystem based on open source software innovation.

DASH7 in 2017

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The DASH7 Alliance organized a member meeting, a PAG meeting, elected a new Board of Directors, published a version 1.1 of the protocol.

DASH7 Alliance Members deployed new installations for industrial IoT and are announcing new large projects for 2018.

OSS-7 stack development team has selected a new reference platform based on the Murata B_L072Z_LRWAN1 and proven interoperability with WizziLab Gateways and Cloud solution.

2017 was definitely a good year and 2018 will be even better.