Use cases

Applications using DASH7

The DASH7 protocol is very flexible and therefor ideal to be used in many different applications in different industries.

DASH7 is currently used in a variety of Industries, below some example use cases.



Valve position monitoring

Company: Aloxy

Market: Chemical and Process

Industry specifics:

  • low latency
  • Reliability
  • Scalebility

Smart City


Smart parking

Company: Onesitu

Market: City

Industry specifics:

  • Realtime
  • Long battery lifetime
  • Long Range

Human welfare


Safety critical Alerting System

Company: Vestfold Audio

Market: Medical / home appliance

Industry specifics:

  • Reliability
  • Low power
  • Open source
  • No single point of failure

Crowd Density System

Company: CrowdScan

Market: Cities / events / security

Industry specifics:

  • High accuracy
  • Privacy non intrucive
  • Real time data

Plants Monitoring System

Company: Jitter

Market: Office buildings

Industry specifics:

  • Long battery lifetime
  • No SIM card for each device
  • OTA firmware updates